About Us

Uncommon Hearts ~ Common Ground       

Camp Bon Coeur (Camp Good Heart!) opened in 1985 to give children with heart defects a place where they can “just be a kid”.

Kids come to camp and meet other children who have experienced the same emotional and physical challenges of growing up with a heart that has needed mending.  This is often a first time experience for these children to meet other children like them.  Over the years we have grown from Summer Camp to include a weekend Family Camps, monthly Support Groups, and outings for families of children and adults with congenital heart defects (CHD).

We are the only program of this kind in Louisiana and remain among a small handful of programs nationwide dedicated specifically to Heart kids.

Each year there are an estimated 42,000 children that are born with heart defects.

There are twice as many children with heart defects as with any other childhood disease.

There is no cure for heart defects; they are lifelong conditions that often require multiple surgeries, ongoing procedures, and heart-related illness.

Camp Bon Coeur gives these children a place to grow socially and emotionally in a very safe and supportive environment.